I can provide a high quality mix of your song. I have experience mixing metal/rock music, and I also provide a mastering service.


I can edit live drums, as well as guitar/bass DI tracks. I am also able to provide phase and velocity-accurate MIDI triggers for drum shells.

MIDI Drum Composition, Transcriptionand Humanising.

MIDI Drum Composition

I can compose original drum parts to best serve your music, and I can implement stylistic nuances from different genres, as well as from specific drummers.

MIDI Drum Humanising

I can take stale, robotic programmed drums and turn them into realistic, natural sounding drum tracks.

MIDI Drum Transcription

I can transcribe drum parts either by ear or using a video reference to create a realistic and accurate drum track for you to use. I have transcribed tracks by artists including Periphery, Dream Theater and Aborted.





Drum Editing.

Mixing, Mastering, Editing, MIDI drum production.

Mixing, Mastering.

MIDI Drum Humanising.

MIDI Drum Humanising.

Drum Editing.

MIDI Drum Humanising.

MIDI Drum Transcription.

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Charlie started playing guitar at age 7, and first recorded himself at age 15.

He has since achieved a Masters in Music Engineering and Production, self-released multiple musical projects, and has provided work for multiple clients including Seb Barlow, Clifton Miles and Chris Davis.

Charlie’s work ethic and skill in his craft is unmatched. The amount of detail in his work can take your stale, lifeless programmed drums and give them the groove and feel of a real world class drummer behind the kit!
— Chris Davis (Iron Foot Audio, The Ghost Inside)
Charlie is THE man. I’ve been able to count on him countless times to help put together quality content for ToneCrate and it has always been top notch. You can count on high standards when you work with this man, that’s certain!
— Clifton Miles (Stone Creek Sound, Founder of ToneCrate)
Charlie’s execution in drum editing has allowed me to enhance my client’s music production. His work has given me the freedom to creatively explore all instrumentation, arrangement and songwriting without having to worry about the quality of my drum sounds. The quality of his work is second to none, and he works thoughtfully to meet the needs of his clients. It’s a privilege to work with him.
— Asher Condit (Kingship Recording Company)